World Malaria Day, 2018: Ready to Beat Malaria

My little boy about 1-month-old My house in Nigeria used to have plenty mosquitoes and even if we used insecticides, the mosquitoes multiplied. So we decided to use mosquito net because we feared for Dearest M. Today is #worldmalariaday and we are still fighting the battle to roll back malaria from harming our children. “It is known that every two minutes a […]

Feeding After a Caesarean Section.

I don’t know why I love this photo. It definitely reminds me of myself when breastfeeding. We take any position to breastfeed and we do it anywhere. Talk about being shy and having a baby shouting on your head in a busy marketplace. Leave matter for Matthias, you go carry breast outside for street. So my focus today is on […]

Teach Them To Know God Rightly.

Do you spend time teaching your children about Jesus or do you let the Sunday school Teachers just do it? As mothers, our most important job is to point our children to Jesus. Churches provide many ways to assist us in our job of discipling our children, but we must make sure what they are learning is drawing our children […]

Oh! What Kind of Cough Is This?

Big hugs for the Papas in the house. However, most Nigerian men don’t carry babies like this but they sure know how to show love ❤ Now that I have your undivided attention about babies. Our Daddy was scared when Dearest M developed a cough yesterday. It was an experience for him. Have you heard your baby cough like there’s a […]

Cleaning your Baby’s Bottom

Some people cannot stand changing nappies. They will just look for the quickest excuse. As a mother and some fathers, changing nappies are inevitable. Keeping your baby’s bottom clean not only helps to prevent nappy rash, but it also discourages the build-up of any organism that can lead to infection. So please pay close attention to the little creases and […]

What You Need to Know About Fever in Children.

A higher than normal body temperature is called a fever. Some mothers say, their child’s body is hot. Touch your baby’s forehead, if you think he/she feels hotter than normal, you’re probably right. However, things are changing and some people prefer to touch their babies’ belly to check if they are hotter than usual. Fever is usually a sign that […]

Why the Doctor does not always prescribe antibiotics for your sick baby?

These drugs called antibiotics don’t kill viruses – they kill bacteria, so they are only effective against diseases caused by bacteria. They cannot fight common cold or upper respiratory infection, which is usually caused by a virus. Most sore throats and coughs are caused by viruses. Children stay healthier when a viral illness is allowed to run its course. Antibiotics […]

Children’s Fruits in Nigeria

It is a wonderful Friday, some say it’s Friday the 13th, but I don’t believe in that Oyinbo nonsense. However, I believe village people can follow someone across the oceans if they don’t pray well well. So it is Friday and the beginning of another weekend, you’d want to give yourself and your children a treat. For me, I think […]

Getting Organised!

I love bright colours and a Minimalist and Bohemian kind of nursery😍. I had grey and blue decor for Dearest M’s partial nursery but that was short-lived due to travel. So now that I have your attention about a baby’s nursery, no two days are ever the same when you have a baby in the house. And just when you […]

Baby’s Safety First!

Keeping your baby healthy and happy is undoubtedly your main concern, and it goes without saying that you, like all parents, want the very best for new arrival. Your love will shine through in everything you do for your baby, even when you feel tired or frustrated; also try to remember that your baby will sense this, and become that […]

Lavender Essential Oil

Disclaimer: This is not a strict medical post. I do herbs as well.  So this week, I decided to buy Lavender essential oil and try to see if it would help calm the nerves and make Dearest M sleep longer. I have read about the many benefits of lavender essential oil. I have also drank lavender tea and has helped […]

Is Your Baby Comfortable?

One of the most important things to consider when caring for your new baby is his/her comfort. Making sure that your baby has a full tummy, clean nappy, appropriate clothes depending on the weather and bedding and let’s not forget the stimulation, love and affection that he/she needs to keep him/her content, able to grow, develop and explore the world […]


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