About Me

Welcome to Dr. Weyoms Blog.  This blog is designed to engage with young people to educate, empower, enlighten, equip, and develop them with life skills as they navigate through life’s journey.


Dr. Weyoms offers a unique educational experience by providing tailored educational consultation, mentoring, and interventions for young people. This blog will help her readers to play leading roles in their communities, places of work, career, school, and religious organisations. 

Behind this blog is Oritseweyinmi Erikowa-Orighoye, also known as Dr Weyoms. I am a believer in Jesus Christ, who enjoys finding hope in odd places by radiating God’s love, faith, and hope every day and everywhere.


By qualification, I am a Paediatrician with interests in environmental and public health. I am also an early career researcher in public health focused on a few of the Sustainable Development Goals: zero hunger, good health, and wellbeing, quality education, clean water, sanitation and hygiene, reduced inequalities, sustainable cities, and communities, climate action and partnerships for goals. 

About me

I am currently doing my Ph.D. in Nutrition and Dietetics at Leeds Beckett University, UK. My research is focused on promoting a healthy diet and physical activity with parental involvement among children in Nigeria.

working with chiildren

I also have a one-year small research grant from the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) with a focus on exploring water, sanitation, and hygiene behaviour and practices of children and parents for the prevention of neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) and non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in Nigeria. 

Community Work

This blog started as a health blog to discuss common tropical health issues in  September 2015 as I familiarised myself with the Sustainable Development Goals. A community mini-hub started in March 2016 when I returned from the UK to Nigeria after my second postgraduate degree in Occupational Safety, Health, and Wellbeing.

It started alongside the support of my husband, as a community initiative called The Community Girl Project. I served as the Programs Director for a few years. 

Our goal was to provide girls with tools to make positive life choices in the areas of health, education, environment, and well being when we saw the challenges of the girl child in our indigenous communities (school dropouts as a result of early teenage pregnancy, drug and substance abuse, poor literacy skills and a lack of mentorship).

This initiative operated under one of the core areas of a not-for-profit organisation based in Warri, Delta State, Nigeria called the Coastal and Marine Areas Development Initiative.

As an initiative, The Community Girl Project has supported over 400 girls in the areas of health, education, and general welfare. They have benefited from one to one mentoring, skills acquisition workshops, waste to wealth projects, health, and sports campaigns, a mini-farm with profits that supported a few educational needs, school follow up and biweekly sessions with facilitators that covered a wide range of themes and topics that promote the general wellbeing of the girl child. 

At a digital training in Warri at The Falcorp Mangrove Park.

At about the same time, I co-founded a social enterprise alongside a  great friend from my postgraduate University days called ActionGX.  We started the project after our experience as volunteers of The Green Impact Project in our University- The University of Salford, UK.

At the end of the project, we won the Volunteers Award. We decided to take our knowledge and experiences back to Nigeria and promote environmental education in organisations, schools, and communities. Our operations are cut across a few states in Nigeria (Lagos, Delta, Osun) and Harare, Zimbabwe. Our goal is to create awareness among young people on local environmental issues and provide a platform for innovative solutions. 


In recent times, I have expanded my expertise by providing advisory support on community projects especially on health and education to a few non-governmental organisations across the globe such as The Audrey Sickle Cell Foundation, Real People Star Charity, and Better Way Passage Inc to mention a few. 

With my experience as a young person who has spent most of her years in education moving through different career pathways and life stages, I have made both good and poor choices that impacted my personal and professional development. This has grown my passion for sharing my faith, life experiences, lessons learned, the knowledge gained, and expertise in personal development to see that a young person make better choices. 

mentoring someone

To support my work with young people I am a mentor for some students and young professionals at The Global Health Mentorships and Progeny Cerebrum. A few mentees after their program with these organisations still maintain their relationships with me as they navigate through their careers and different life stages. In August 2020, I  piloted my first personal development program for senior secondary school students, secondary school leavers, and undergraduates.

Your strengths are your natural talents and learned experiences either from paid or voluntary work. You have to focus on your strengths to be productive and achieve satisfaction.
Challenge: Ask a family member, friend and colleague what best describes you. Keep an open mind in learning more about your strengths (things you are good at) because there lies your super strengths (things you are brilliant at). 

I am happy to connect with you for a free Moments With Dr. Weyoms session created to help you gain clarity on your personal aspirations, development, and purpose. It will help you act on the things that are necessary to execute the vision that you have here.

The Growth Mindset Journal 

I created a growth mindset journal for young people. You might be wondering how writing in a journal can have a significant impact on your personal growth and development.

After all, it is just putting some words on a page, how much can that really do for you? It turns out that this simple practice can do a lot, especially for those struggling with life’s purpose or striving towards more positive health and wellbeing.

This journal by Dr. Weyoms has several sections in health, career, and faith to help to navigate through each month in your life’s journey.you can buy here

Life in a Different Way 

When I am not doing any of the above-mentioned activities, I am enjoying life by visiting museums, learning a new language, or travelling with my family.  

Oh yes, recently, I was named among the top 100 women making Africa better, you can read it here.

Museum Time