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Air Pollution: Are You Bothered?

Air Pollution: Are You Bothered?

Every day, I read something new about air pollution and specifically I think of the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria and how bad the air is there but I do not want to travel far, Lagos is a typical example of a badly polluted city. Welcome to #HealthMattersWithDrWeyoms

According to the new reviews, air pollution may be damaging every organ in the body and I find that very scary even as a medical doctor. Thus, like the reviews keep saying, air pollution is a public health emergency and we all need to wake up from whatever slumber we are in.

So if you think air pollution stops just at the hearts and lungs-causing asthma, allergies, lung cancer and heart diseases, then you are mistaken as it affects every part of our bodies. You might ask how can air pollution reach every part of the body? It happens when the pollutants are carried through the bloodstream and this spread throughout the body.

Air pollution affect:
Lungs leading to breathing problems such as asthma, chronic laryngitis (inflammation of the voice box), lung cancer.

The heart could have heart disease and possibly a heart attack.

The brain and mind could suffer from stroke, dementia, reduced intelligence, mental health problems.

The organs in the abdomen could have kidney and bladder cancers, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome

Reproduction, babies and children are also affected by issues such as reduced fertility, miscarriages, toxins in placentas, low birth weight in babies, stunted lungs in infants, childhood obesity, leukaemia etc.

Air pollution is a silent killer and it reminds of its effects in the communities I have lived in.  Yes, we need more advocacy for environmental and public health education on such matters, but what happens when our government are not bothered about an emergency as air pollution?

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