Supporting Friends With Their Mental Health 

It is said that 1 in 10 young people will go through periods of feeling emotionally unwell during any given year, but what do you do when it is your friend or relative? Welcome to #HealthMattersWithDrWeyoms I understand that it can be hard to know what to do when someone you care about is going through a …

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Mental Health Has No Age Limit. 

Don’t underestimate the damages of a poor mental health, we can suffer severe consequences. Welcome to #HealthMattersWithDrWeyomsWe all have mental health. Mental health is about our feelings, our thinking, our emotions and our moods. Looking after our mental health is important. Small feelings are everyday matters for us. These feelings can be strong and quite …

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Health For Everyone- World Health Day 2019 

I wonder if people really know that Health is their human right which in broken English, “you no suppose to sick, then come die because say you poor or you no fit get the treatment wey you need”. It is a collective effort to make the health system work in your community, it is not just …

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Parental Education and Child Nutrition: Which Way Do We Go? 

#NextlevelNigeria, I hope health matters are part of this next level the government is campaigning about because the double burden of malnutrition is weighing on us as a people.Today’s #HealthMattersWithDrWeyoms is about parental education and malnutrition. When I mention malnutrition is not just restricted to the picture of a very thin, sick looking baby who hasn’t …

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Friendship is Messy But We Need It 

A dear friend recently dropped a bomb of craziness with me and it left me overwhelmed but I still love my friend. Friends can bless and wound at times.True friends are there when you are so sweet and when you demonstrating your mood swings all over the place. They know when you are hurting and …

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I had an amazing time discussing with women about sex, sexuality, sex education, contraceptives and all about women’s health. Empower yourself as a woman!

A Merry Christmas To You 

Be sure to keep them hydrated but limit the overly sugary drinks to a certain amount per day. You do not want the triple dose of hyperactivity at 12am.

Studying Medicine in Europe 

So you have travelled all the way from a country in West Africa to a city in Europe and you are going to study Medicine. The shortest transit I have had is about 4hrs (Istanbul)  but my journey in total was 10hrs. I didn’t add Warri to Lagos in this calculation. Don’t try us who …

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Healthy Child, Healthy School 

School resumption is just around the corner, I know parents are seriously counting down. But, wait a minute I have a few things to ask you parents.Is your child healthy to attend school this new term? Have you done a genuine health check for your child to assess his/her fitness for school? Or you paid …

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Our Children and The Environment 

First of all, please I want to watch the movie titled, “Daughters of the Niger Delta”. I believe I can use it to start a beautiful conversation with my Niger Delta people. Links please 😊So according to the statistics by the Federal Ministry of Health, 7 million babies are born yearly in Nigeria but about …

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Air Pollution And Your Children 

Is the air in your city and even inside your house clean? Air pollution is both indoors and outdoors. Before a baby is born, if that baby is exposed to air pollution in the womb, it can alter their lung development. It can lead to premature birth and a low birth weight. After a child is …

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My PhD Journey: Systematic Review 

Today has been a great win for me. In my opinion, I have crossed the crucial stage of doing a systematic review. Oh my days, I almost went haywire when I realised qualitative and quantitative reviews have different methods of approach. (Who sent me a message to be in academia 😱?) I am doing a combined review …

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Children Environmental Health: WASH Awareness 

Poor water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) and poor nutrition are important risk factors for ill health and deaths in children less than 5 years of age. Parents try to keep your environment clean as this influences the growth and development of your children.#sdg6 #sdg3 #water #sanitation #hygiene #WASH #environmentalist#environment #environmentalhealth #childrenhealth #paediatrician#medicaldoctor #parenting #babies #children #publichealth #healtheducation#nigerdelta #waterpollution #pollution #warri

Church Vibes 

This is what I learnt today: The need for earthly applause can lead to a determination to succeed but it is also an avenue for a downfall.If you want to feel successful, it is found in the person God has already made you be. Look in the mirror, darling! Psalms 18 vs 31-36.#gospel #inspiration #church #grace #wordoftheday #bibleverse #wordofgod#drweyoms #sundaygospel

HIV in Teenagers 

When I worked in the hospital truth be told, the number of young people I saw diagnosed with HIV was alarming. There was a really bad case of a 16 years old boy who was diagnosed with HIV and I guess because he couldn’t handle the situation mentally, he died in 2 weeks.That day, I felt …

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Urinary Incontinence During and After Pregnancy 

Sneezing or even laughing, drops of urine on my underwear…that’s how my third trimester started. After my C-section, the next day, the catheter was removed. I had to learn how to control my bladder again…a little activity, I’d pee on myself. Did you have any experience with urinary incontinence as a pregnant woman and even after childbirth? …

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Pregnancy Complications 

A tear or a doctor decides to make a cut during childbirth- some women don’t like talking about their experiences during the actual childbirth but many people can learn from it. Let’s discuss, mothers especially first time mothers, what were the challenges?#episiotomy #childbirth #drweyoms #pregnancy #womenshealth#healthmatterswithdrweyoms

The Silence About Pregnancy 

Yes, they say get married early and get pregnant before 30, it is also not easy to stand the pressure of that. Oh, you married late, get pregnant before 35, it will save you from in-laws trouble, that also is not easy. Oh, you should do this, do that so you can be pregnant. Oh no, …

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Combining Breastfeeding And Bottle Feeding. 

I know we are all about exclusive breastfeeding but sometimes it is not always possible. Trust me, breastfeeding for one year is not funny, it is stressful.You may want to try mixed feeding because you want to breastfeed, but give infant formula for one or more feeds, or because you are bottle feeding your baby …

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Diarrhoea with a Nappy Rash 

It is normal for babies and children to have diarrhoea occasionally. The most common cause is gastroenteritis – an infection of the gut more commonly known as a stomach bug – and it usually doesn’t last long.Diarrhoea – watery stools that are different in appearance and frequency than those your baby has had before. This …

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A Brief Introduction About Dr Weyoms 

Teach Them To Know God Rightly. 

Do you spend time teaching your children about Jesus or do you let the Sunday school Teachers just do it?As mothers, our most important job is to point our children to Jesus. Churches provide many ways to assist us in our job of discipling our children, but we must make sure what they are learning …

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Oh! What Kind of Cough Is This? 

Big hugs for the Papas in the house. However, most Nigerian men don’t carry babies like this but they sure know how to show love ❤Now that I have your undivided attention about babies. Our Daddy was scared when Dearest M developed a cough yesterday. It was an experience for him.Have you heard your baby cough …

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Cleaning your Baby’s Bottom 

Some people cannot stand changing nappies. They will just look for the quickest excuse. As a mother and some fathers, changing nappies are inevitable.Keeping your baby’s bottom clean not only helps to prevent nappy rash, but it also discourages the build-up of any organism that can lead to infection. So please pay close attention to …

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What You Need to Know About Fever in Children. 

A higher than normal body temperature is called a fever. Some mothers say, their child’s body is hot. Touch your baby’s forehead, if you think he/she feels hotter than normal, you’re probably right. However, things are changing and some people prefer to touch their babies’ belly to check if they are hotter than usual.Fever is …

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Why the Doctor does not always prescribe antibiotics for your sick baby? 

These drugs called antibiotics don’t kill viruses – they kill bacteria, so they are only effective against diseases caused by bacteria. They cannot fight common cold or upper respiratory infection, which is usually caused by a virus. Most sore throats and coughs are caused by viruses. Children stay healthier when a viral illness is allowed …

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Children’s Fruits in Nigeria 

It is a wonderful Friday, some say it’s Friday the 13th, but I don’t believe in that Oyinbo nonsense. However, I believe village people can follow someone across the oceans if they don’t pray well well. So it is Friday and the beginning of another weekend, you’d want to give yourself and your children a …

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Getting Organised! 

I love bright colours and a Minimalist and Bohemian kind of nursery😍. I had grey and blue decor for Dearest M’s partial nursery but that was short-lived due to travel.So now that I have your attention about a baby’s nursery, no two days are ever the same when you have a baby in the house. …

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Baby’s Safety First! 

Keeping your baby healthy and happy is undoubtedly your main concern, and it goes without saying that you, like all parents, want the very best for new arrival.Your love will shine through in everything you do for your baby, even when you feel tired or frustrated; also try to remember that your baby will sense …

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Lavender Essential Oil 

Disclaimer: This is not a strict medical post. I do herbs as well. So this week, I decided to buy Lavender essential oil and try to see if it would help calm the nerves and make Dearest M sleep longer. I have read about the many benefits of lavender essential oil. I have also drank lavender …

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