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Your Child’s Environment Matters

Family structure is not the core matter but how we all get on. Welcome to #HealthMattersWithDrWeyoms You and anyone you live with is your child’s


Keep Learning

Do you know that reading helps your mental health? Welcome to #HealthMattersWithDrWeyoms We are still on about mental health and young people and we have


Be Active in Mental Health

It is how we are feeling and coping with the things we face everyday that shapes our mental health. Just like physical health, sometimes it


Mental Health Has No Age Limit.

Don’t underestimate the damages of a poor mental health, we can suffer severe consequences. Welcome to #HealthMattersWithDrWeyoms We all have mental health. Mental health is

air pollution

Air Pollution: Are You Bothered?

Every day, I read something new about air pollution and specifically I think of the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria and how bad the air


Do You Know About Type 1 Diabetes?

A few weeks ago, some people asked me about diabetes and I asked them, how many types of diabetes they knew? Well, the answers I

What Do You Know About Polio?

I smiled when I read about the malaria vaccine last week. I thought about the fight to eradicate polio in Nigeria. What would it take


The Baby of the Child Pt 4

‘Palava you dey find’ sang Fela!  I enjoy listening to Fela songs because they are lessons I need to teach all these new generation children.


Friendship is Messy But We Need It

A dear friend recently dropped a bomb of craziness with me and it left me overwhelmed but I still love my friend. Friends can bless