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Learning to Code

Kudos to researchers, it is not an easy job to do. I can understand why an academic’s mental health could be affected when their work


Social Media and Your New Year Goals

Already writing the goals and resolutions for the New Year? Are you using what you see on social media to measure yourself?  It is not

A Merry Christmas To You

Be sure to keep them hydrated but limit the overly sugary drinks to a certain amount per day. You do not want the triple dose

Crying Baby: What You Can Do

Yesterday, I asked a question on what you would do if your baby cried for long hours? I got some hilarious responses. From putting the

Potty Training

There are no set rules about when to start potty training but you will need to recognise the signs that your child is ready for

Self-Funded Postgraduate Journey

Yay me! I have actually crossed the first year hurdle as a PhD student. It started really well with amazing ideas, I could literally write

Studying Medicine in Europe

So you have travelled all the way from a country in West Africa to a city in Europe and you are going to study Medicine.

Healthy Child, Healthy School

School resumption is just around the corner, I know parents are seriously counting down. But, wait a minute I have a few things to ask

All work and no play makes Oriseweyinmi, a dull girl 😁 Yes, that’s me, it’s been 11 months of academic work for me. I have

Pneumonia in Children

May your Monday be a graceful one.We began the discussion on Pneumonia last week and I had enthusiastic people eager to know more about pneumonia.So