Breastfeeding in Public As an African Mother

Breastfeeding in Public As an African Mother

Dear Mothers, would you breastfeed your baby in public?

Been a while, welcome to Health Matters With Dr Weyoms

I recently asked mothers via my social media handles, their thoughts and experiences about breastfeeding in public places, and I have received mixed reactions which I find really fascinating and worth starting a conversation on.

For new mothers, it may feel very awkward bringing out your breast in public to feed your baby, but trust me, if pikin start to cry, you go carry breast put for him mouth sharp sharp.

I just want to encourage you that there is nothing to be embarrassed about when it comes to breastfeeding. But when you are out and about, knowing what clothes to wear and which feeding positions to use can help you feel more confident.

So let us talk about clothes that suit breastfeeding:
1. Any top that unbuttons from the bottom.
2. Tops that stretches and makes it easier to pull up.
3. Two piece outfits especially if you are going for a party or special event.
4. Trendy bras and tops that are designed specifically for breastfeeding. I am sure vendors who sell baby goods can be of help.

Clothes that are not helpful during breastfeeding:
1. Shirts that you have to unbutton- these ones may make you feel really exposed.
2.  Dresses- those with crazy zips, like our proper Ankara dress we like to sew, those that lifting up is not an option and pulling down one side would leave you very exposed.

Let me hint that scarves, wrappers, baby blankets are very good at keeping things under wraps. Nobody will know you are breastfeeding except they are very curious.

I know we are talking about public places, so I have to emphasise that you should not breastfeed your baby in a toilet! Please, mothers, do not try to do this. Find a quiet and comfortable place to breastfeed your baby. Or be sure to cover yourself properly so you do not draw attention to yourself especially if your baby is crying.

Now, do you think we should have breastfeeding corners or spots in our places of work, markets, shops etc for mothers to use? Has Nigeria gotten there yet?

If you have experiences about breastfeeding in public, you can share with us.

I remain Dr Weyoms.
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