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Air Pollution: Are You Bothered?

Every day, I read something new about air pollution and specifically I think of the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria and how bad the air is there but I do not want to travel far, Lagos is a typical example of a badly polluted city. Welcome to #HealthMattersWithDrWeyoms According to the new reviews, air pollution …

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The Silent Killer: Hypertension

This post is part of the requests for this week. Not children related but can help parents and young people. Nuggets about High Blood Pressure. High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is usually defined as having a sustained blood pressure of 140/90mmHg or above. The line between normal and raised blood pressure is not …

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How Do I Get My Baby To Eat Other Foods?

Dear Doctor, how do I make my baby eat other foods apart from baby milk? For about the first six months of their life, babies only need breast milk or formula milk depending on what you decide to do as a mother. If solid foods are started too early, babies are likely to take less …

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World Malaria Day, 2018: Ready to Beat Malaria

My little boy about 1-month-old My house in Nigeria used to have plenty mosquitoes and even if we used insecticides, the mosquitoes multiplied. So we decided to use mosquito net because we feared for Dearest M. Today is #worldmalariaday and we are still fighting the battle to roll back malaria from harming our children. “It is known …

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