What Did You Do With Your Child Today?

What Did You Do With Your Child Today?

What did you to do with your child today? I have danced with my little one today. Do not allow the pressures of social media make you scared of marriage or parenting. Reframe your thoughts about marriage and parenting to yield positive results. Spending quality time with your child is more about the usual daily life than the very high […]

Potty Training

There are no set rules about when to start potty training but you will need to recognise the signs that your child is ready for it. You may be wondering when to start potty training?As you have probably heard many times, every child develops at a different pace. So it is good to wait until your little one is showing […]

Pneumonia in Children

May your Monday be a graceful one.We began the discussion on Pneumonia last week and I had enthusiastic people eager to know more about pneumonia.So today on #HealthMattersWithDrWeyoms we will learn about pneumonia, its signs and symptoms in children. Pneumonia is an infection in one or both of the lungs, and is sometimes called a chest infection. Pneumonia in children […]

What To Do This Year

I hope it is not too much to ask for much. Many young people have died from avoidable health related issues and some are because they didn’t take their health problems seriously. So it’s 2018,  just take a break and care about yourself. 1. Take care of your mental health. Speak to someone if you can’t handle things that are […]


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