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The Nigerian Child: My Ins and Outs

The news in the last few days has been dark especially in my country, Nigeria. It is not about COVID19 but the effects of a pandemic in some ways.  I recently participated in a WhatsApp group session where we talked about “The Nigerian Child- Past and Present Successes and Struggles. It was hosted by a …

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Your Child’s Environment Matters

Family structure is not the core matter but how we all get on. Welcome to #HealthMattersWithDrWeyoms You and anyone you live with is your child’s environment and it is very crucial to the holistic wellbeing of your child. How your child goes on to feel about themselves and how they interact with others is a …

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Keep Learning

Do you know that reading helps your mental health? Welcome to #HealthMattersWithDrWeyoms We are still on about mental health and young people and we have simple ways that parents and guardians can make a difference in their child’s mental health. One way to help build a healthy mind for a child is to keep learning. …

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Be Active in Mental Health

It is how we are feeling and coping with the things we face everyday that shapes our mental health. Just like physical health, sometimes it is good, and at other times it is not so good. Welcome to #HealthMattersWithDrWeyoms As a parent or guardian of a children, you can play an important role in supporting …

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What Did You Do With Your Child Today?

What did you to do with your child today? I have danced with my little one today. Do not allow the pressures of social media make you scared of marriage or parenting. Reframe your thoughts about marriage and parenting to yield positive results. Spending quality time with your child is more about the usual daily …

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Breastfeeding in Public As an African Mother

Dear Mothers, would you breastfeed your baby in public? Been a while, welcome to Health Matters With Dr Weyoms I recently asked mothers via my social media handles, their thoughts and experiences about breastfeeding in public places, and I have received mixed reactions which I find really fascinating and worth starting a conversation on. For …

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Crying Baby: What You Can Do

Yesterday, I asked a question on what you would do if your baby cried for long hours? I got some hilarious responses. From putting the baby on OLX to African Mama suspicious thinking, trying out lullaby and even telling the baby your mind or pinching the baby more. You people had me laughing out loud …

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Self-Funded Postgraduate Journey

Yay me! I have actually crossed the first year hurdle as a PhD student. It started really well with amazing ideas, I could literally write a book on those ideas. My research started out by changing its focus from the UK to my home country, Nigeria.  I believe that is one of the best decisions …

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Allergies in Children

A child who sneezes or coughs a lot, who frequently develops a rash or hives (raised swollen bumps), or who gets a stomachache, cramps or nausea after eating certain foods may have allergies. Any child may develop allergies, but they are more common in children from families with a history of such reactions. Early identification …

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The Baby, The Mother and The Paediatrician: Dramatic Me!

Dear Doctor, my Mother thinks I am a Drama King 😱. Do you think I am?  Dearest M, it’s been a while we spoke. Can you tell me what you do at your leisure? You know physical development has a key role to play when we are talking about you 😊 Dear Doctor, I try …

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The Baby, The Mother and The Paediatrician: Chamomile Tea

Disclaimer: This is for those who believe in the use of herbs. I don’t mean fetish things.  What herbs have you tried on children? If you have, can you share? As a proper Itsekiri woman, I use herbs where necessary and they have been effective. Practice what you believe! #babydiaries #chamomiletea #herbs #plants#flowers #motherhood #parenting #medicine#teething #diarrhea #diarrhoea #naijamum #mummy#doctor #womeninmedicine #doctorlife #phdmama#leedsmums #leeds #uk #warri #instamedicine#instahealth #healtheducation #7monthsold —  Please follow and like us:


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