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Do you know that reading helps your mental health? Welcome to #HealthMattersWithDrWeyoms We are still on about mental health and young people and we have simple ways that parents and guardians can make a difference in their child’s mental health. One way to help build a healthy mind for a child is to keep learning. …

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Abortion: Just So You Know Part 2

Everyone loves the weekend. It is another beautiful Monday with #HealthMattersWithDrWeyoms I read quite a number of comments about our abortion tweets. Yes, the discussion on abortion arouses strong feelings both for the married and unmarried.  For men, it may be a difficult time as well. Men do not really express their feelings about a …

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The Baby, The Mother and The Paediatrician: Dramatic Me!

Dear Doctor, my Mother thinks I am a Drama King 😱. Do you think I am?  Dearest M, it’s been a while we spoke. Can you tell me what you do at your leisure? You know physical development has a key role to play when we are talking about you 😊 Dear Doctor, I try …

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Bonding With Your Baby

Hello family, it’s the end of the jolly weekend, so I just feel you join enjoy some of my talkative nature about bonding with a baby as a mother. For experienced parents, how have you bonded with your baby or babies, feel free to leave your comments. Listen to my segment “Bonding With Your Baby” …

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