Clean Care For Everybody-Na You Hand E Dey!

Clean Care For Everybody-Na You Hand E Dey!

Have you ever thought that not washing your hands regularly could lead your child having infections?
Oh yes! This is how powerful handwashing is important to the health of your children. Welcome to another Monday of #HealthMattersWithDrWeyoms and yesterday May 5th we marked the Global Hand Hygiene Day. 

The Global Hand Hygiene Day is a campaign to bring everyone-healthcare workers, caregivers, parents, children in support of hand hygiene improvement globally.
Hand hygiene is one of the most important ways to stop the infection spreading and means cleaning your hands using either soap or water or alcohol-based hand rub (which not everyone can afford).
Be sure to learn to wash your hands when you are in the hospital with your child. If you go visiting a relative in the hospital with your child, do not forget to wash your child’s hand and yours when you leave the hospital. Do not forget as a parent to regularly wash your hands when handling food and water.
Handwashing can save you and your child from dangerous infections. Clean Hands, Na You Hand E Dey!

Let me leave you with the Ogbonge Way to Wash Your Hands 

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