Confidence Building in a 21st Century Career

So now that I have your attention with a picture of Dr Weyoms holding her hand high up, let’s talk about confidence in a squiggly career.

My confidence pose
Showing off my power pose when I am feeling confident.

Confidence is having a belief in yourself. It’s a skill that can be learnt, practised and improved.

Why does this skill matter in a squiggly career? It helps you develop resilience, take action and inspire belief.


Now let’s clear the air of confidence myths:

  1. Extroverts are confident, introverts are shy (it is a lie);
  2. Confident people are arrogant (there’s a fine line to this) and lastly,
  3. It is something you are born with (ehn, maybe).

What confidence gremlins (things that hold you back from reaching your potential) do you have?

What triggers them and how can you take positive actions to build your this skill as you navigate your career?

You can take out a journal to identify your gremlins such as fear of presenting. Then you have to look into the triggers of this gremlin by looking for patterns and when your gremlin holds you back.

You have to decide using small actions how to overcome your gremlins. Be careful to know that it is all about testing what will work. Do not forget to reward yourself for taking actions to test your gremlins.

To boost your confidence, you are to watch your words, be in your body and practice makes perfect. The key to building a successful mindset is to recognize you what you are and stand for, record your journey and run your own race. Be focused on your journey working with your strengths instead of your weaknesses.

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Afrogarde made this beautiful dress
rubenkells_ took the photo
And yes, I have lost the plenty of weight you see in this photo.

This is one of my power poses!

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