Creating a rhythm of rest

Creating A Rhythm of Rest As A Young Person

Creating a rhythm of Rest is very necessary
Creating a rhythm of rest is very important as a young person

Creating a rhythm of rest is very important!

“Rest is not necessary as a young person, sleep is for the weak, Weyinmi.”

Someone told me this a few years ago when we discussed about growth as upcoming working class global citizens.

As a society, you and I have become experts in burning ourselves out. It has become a lifestyle and the norm of our everyday lives. We have embraced the “slay all day, hustle all night”. We are always busy doing one thing or the other. Right now, we take on a lot of activities, say yes to all kinds of gigs, events and jobs; sometimes just for the show of strength and to show that we are always and very busy.

However, if we are not careful, as young people, we can fall into the unhealthy state of stress and chronic fatigue of the body, soul and spirit.

We can also be in a constant feeling of being overwhelmed and pressured to do more and keep on saying yes.

Creating A Rhythm of Rest in the form of Wholeness

Creating a rhythm of rest is wholeness
Creating a rhythm of rest is part of being whole

So what if you traded this great pressure for wholeness?

What if you decide to live in a place of being? Focused on the present, not defined by the past or anxious about the future.

No matter the season you are currently even in this pandemic, the key to having a fulfilled and successful life is to create a rhythm of rest along the way.

The rhythm has to work for you. Do not copy another person’s rhythm.

Choose to flow from the rhythm of rest and not the pressures of the society.

Be able to experience the fullness of grace, love, peace, joy and freedom in your everyday life.

You can find rest even when you are slaying and hustling.

It is about being present for yourself and having freedom over fear.

Think of the spiritual approaches you would like to embrace into your schedule today so you experience rest.

If you have issues with managing your stress level as a young person, visit Dr Ezinne Nnamdi-Louis’ page for tips on stress management.

You can book a session with me to talk about your issues with gaining clarity, growth and development in health, education and environment

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