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How to Thrive on “The Road Less Travelled”

When you talk about the less travelled road, what comes to your mind? For me, I quickly think of the narrow road, quiet, scary and obviously not many travellers on it. I always shudder when I think of it because I pair my thoughts with hardship and struggle.

My Struggles on the Road

As a young person, I have always taken “off the track paths” because life happened that way many times. I was bullied even up to my late teens, so I made less friends. I have so many lows with relating with people and developed pretty low self esteem, so I’d rather kept to myself.

In my quietness and struggle with identity, I searched for answers to wanting to belong to the right friends, get accepted in the “gang” and be on the spotlight. However, I made so many mistakes again and it hit pretty harshly.

God’s Word on the Road Less Travelled

In searching for answers, I found that using God’s word as a guide was the ultimate way to navigate my life’s journey. This makes me make decisions that may seem quite uncommon.

To thrive in this busy and opinionated world, the less travelled road is with God in heaven. This road involves a genuine relationship with God to help you stand firm when the you are in your valleys and dark seasons.

The word of God will help you thrive on this road because the words of world will push you further into struggles. For example, the world won’t understand why you rejoice when you are going through a tough time.

God’s word on the other hand encourages you to be strong, courageous and count it all joy when you face trials. Weird, right? It’s part of being on the road less travelled.

God’s word is the ultimate guide.

Prayer on the Road less travelled

Prayer is key to thrive on the road less travelled as a person. No, I learnt how to pray, it was not magical and it did not happen overnight. In the Bible, even the disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ asked him to teach them how to pray.

I asked God to teach me how to pray and with the Holy Bible as my guide, I was able to learn daily. Prayer is not only for when you are in trouble, it is an everyday conversation you have with God.

Prayer is not a give and takes kind of relationship but it is based on the friendship you have with God. A five minutes prayer at the start of the day can go a long way in conversing with God.

Prayer is the key

Do not be scared of prayer, it is like having a conversation with a very close friend who you would normally share your heart with. Prayer is you pouring your heart in all genuineness to God and Him responding to you in the most loving and amazing way.

You are not alone on the road less travelled

There is always someone with you on this less travelled road. I believe in Trinity, and part of the this triune is the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit has been a guide in my life’s journey when I started my relationship with God.

That’s not the only person God gives you to thrive on this less travelled road. God will give you a fellowship of believers who will be a part of your life’s journey.

Friends will come into your life that will push you towards the purpose God has for you, also friends will be cut off from your life too.

The road may be lonely but God provides support.

On this less travelled road, you are not alone! Do not give up even when the world tells you, it is over.

If you have questions or want to share the experiences you have, please you can contact me here.

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