We have an Identity in God

Identity and Who You Are As a Young Person

Identity is a big deal
We struggle with our identities a lot of times

Do you struggle with your identity as a person? Today is Day 6 of my physical activity challenge. I usually meet about three other women at the exercise spot, which is about 40 stairs that we climb for 10-15 times. I do just 10 rounds because I am still an amateur in the fitness game.

The beautiful thing I love about exercise is that it gives me 40 minutes to listen, reflect and energise myself for the day. Yes, exercise prepares me for the day and helps put clarity to the day’s schedule I have planned in my mind.

Today, one of the women whilst we climbed up the stairs about the 6th lap said she was not beautiful enough. I wasn’t paying attention to their conversation until then; the other woman started saying, Stop it! You are a strong woman! You are amazing! You are beautiful. Kindly stop saying negative things about yourself.

The Deal

Many struggle daily affirming who they are
Knowing who you are can be a daily struggle

I smiled to myself as we continued because I knew it was the reality of many young people especially women. We struggle a lot with who we are and how we think about ourselves. Yes, it is this identity thing that keeps many women in their shells, makes them decline job offers, take on new possibilities or sometimes even socialise with people.

Many young women from the teenage period, just immediately they hit the puberty stage get to struggle so much with their identity. It is not starting from now, it has been from ages ago. Our mothers too have some time in their lives struggled with their identities as women due to cultural, social, physical and many times spiritual factors.

The Reality

We are enough because God is enough for us
This is your reality today

The reality is that we are created in the image and likeness of our Creator, God. So when you feel you are not good enough or this identity thing makes your stomach sick, remember that God created you for an amazing life. Remember also, that you are in God. You are who you are because He is God and if you did not know this before, God designed you for amazing works.

Your Declaration For Today

Our identity is in God
Find your identity in God

So take a moment today and pause, saying this to yourself:

I am created in the image of God.

I am who I am, because God is.

I am beautiful. I am worthy. I am enough and I am loved.

I am alive with purpose.

Question for you

Purpose often times feel like a big idea to unpack. What has been your experience with the idea or meaning of purpose?

If you wish to discuss more about purpose or your identity, you can send me a message https://drweyoms.com/contact/

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