No more regrets

Moving Away From Regrets

Regrets can eat your heart away
Don’t sit away life filled with regrets.

You need to move away from regrets! Yes, enough is enough!

Regrets can eat away your heart just the way some diseases attack the human flesh.

As strong people, you know when it is time to get up, dust yourself and walk away from regrets.

For you to avoid a life of regret, you have to learn to live on purpose.

You need to walk with the future in mind and not the past. If you do not have a destination, you will be walking aimlessly.

Sometimes you find yourself in a place you don’t wish to be in or go to. Maybe you are living in the gloomy land of regret.

There is just a word for you today from me: Get out of that place, else regret will keep you there.

Swapping Words of Regrets

Using words that can change how you feel about regrets.
How about you don’t say, If only!

You and I get to use this phrase a lot of times, “If only”.

Yes it is a setback for many of us. We dwell on this phrase and do not move forward.

It is time to say something different, especially in this unpredictable year we are in.

“Even now” is a phrase of seeing things differently and acting towards a place of hope.

Don’t dwell on regrets by saying, “if only”. Else, regret will continue to echo in your life until you address it.

When you address the regrets you have, it gives you an opportunity to be redeemed from your mistakes.

With the truth, you can warn yourself and others about something. However, when you continue to wallow in regret, you won’t be able to help others.

As you redeem your regrets, you will give room for learning.

This is an opportunity for others to avoid pitfalls we fell into.

It is not a time to sit idly in the regret of your past failures or to wander without a direction in life. It is time to take action and move forward with purpose. Looking for support on how to move forward, there is a Moments With Dr Weyoms session for free. You can read ways to overcome regrets here

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