Breastfeeding in Public As an African Mother

Breastfeeding in Public As an African Mother

Dear Mothers, would you breastfeed your baby in public? Been a while, welcome to Health Matters With Dr Weyoms I recently asked mothers via my social media handles, their thoughts and experiences about breastfeeding in public places, and I have received mixed reactions which I find really fascinating and worth starting a conversation on. For new mothers, it may feel […]

Learning to Code

Learning to Code

Kudos to researchers, it is not an easy job to do. I can understand why an academic’s mental health could be affected when their work is criticised badly especially if so much effort has been put into doing it. I am yaying myself at finally doing the open coding for my focus group discussion and interviews. It has taken me […]

Social Media and Your New Year Goals

Social Media and Your New Year Goals

Already writing the goals and resolutions for the New Year? Are you using what you see on social media to measure yourself?  It is not easy scrolling through your social media feeds and seeing beautiful people travelling to wonderful places and experiencing amazing things. I get, the things you dream about for yourself as well. Sometimes we wonder why our […]

Crying Baby: What You Can Do

Yesterday, I asked a question on what you would do if your baby cried for long hours? I got some hilarious responses. From putting the baby on OLX to African Mama suspicious thinking, trying out lullaby and even telling the baby your mind or pinching the baby more. You people had me laughing out loud at the clinic yesterday. So […]

Potty Training

There are no set rules about when to start potty training but you will need to recognise the signs that your child is ready for it. You may be wondering when to start potty training?As you have probably heard many times, every child develops at a different pace. So it is good to wait until your little one is showing […]

Self-Funded Postgraduate Journey

Yay me! I have actually crossed the first year hurdle as a PhD student. It started really well with amazing ideas, I could literally write a book on those ideas. My research started out by changing its focus from the UK to my home country, Nigeria.  I believe that is one of the best decisions made so far in this […]

Studying Medicine in Europe

So you have travelled all the way from a country in West Africa to a city in Europe and you are going to study Medicine. The shortest transit I have had is about 4hrs (Istanbul)  but my journey in total was 10hrs. I didn’t add Warri to Lagos in this calculation. Don’t try us who flew Dnipropetrovsk-Istanbul-Lagos. I mean the […]

Healthy Child, Healthy School

School resumption is just around the corner, I know parents are seriously counting down. But, wait a minute I have a few things to ask you parents.Is your child healthy to attend school this new term? Have you done a genuine health check for your child to assess his/her fitness for school? Or you paid the health worker some money […]

All work and no play makes Oriseweyinmi, a dull girl 😁 Yes, that’s me, it’s been 11 months of academic work for me. I have two weeks left to meet with a panel for my academic annual progression.  So a physical and mental break with some cultural enjoyment was needed. Besides, my summer cannot end without a holiday. For new […]

Pneumonia in Children

May your Monday be a graceful one.We began the discussion on Pneumonia last week and I had enthusiastic people eager to know more about pneumonia.So today on #HealthMattersWithDrWeyoms we will learn about pneumonia, its signs and symptoms in children. Pneumonia is an infection in one or both of the lungs, and is sometimes called a chest infection. Pneumonia in children […]

Pneumonia: How Much Do You Know?

Everybody loves Mondays. I know many people won’t agree with me. It’s another time for #HealthMattersDrWeyoms Thanks for the genuine conversations on Abortion. We are going to have a new conversation about Pneumonia. Do you know about pneumonia? Have you heard about this disease before? Do you know what causes it? It is said that every year millions of children die […]

So What Happens After An Abortion?

Oh I wish weekend enjoyment doesn’t end. I hope you had a wonderful weekend. This is Monday and it’s #HealthMattersWithDrWeyoms Did you enjoy the last two series on Abortion? I got responses and had wonderful discussions with some strong women. So today, I will be talking about What Happens After An Abortion? This series is not to shame anyone and […]

Abortion: Just So You Know Part 2

Everyone loves the weekend. It is another beautiful Monday with #HealthMattersWithDrWeyoms I read quite a number of comments about our abortion tweets. Yes, the discussion on abortion arouses strong feelings both for the married and unmarried.  For men, it may be a difficult time as well. Men do not really express their feelings about a whole lot of issues but […]

Abortion: Just So You Know

Hello family, ermmm hope you enjoyed your weekend. Some people are still calling my name over the broken English video about breast cancer. Please I am not at home. All the same, today we are talking about Abortion on Health Matters with Dr Weyoms. Trust me, it is an interesting read. Women from all cultures and backgrounds have abortion. Truth […]

Our Children and The Environment

First of all, please I want to watch the movie titled, “Daughters of the Niger Delta”. I believe I can use it to start a beautiful conversation with my Niger Delta people. Links please 😊 So according to the statistics by the Federal Ministry of Health, 7 million babies are born yearly in Nigeria but about 240,000 die during their […]

Air Pollution And Your Children

Is the air in your city and even inside your house clean? Air pollution is both indoors and outdoors. Before a baby is born, if that baby is exposed to air pollution in the womb, it can alter their lung development. It can lead to premature birth and a low birth weight.  After a child is born, they are more […]

My PhD Journey: Systematic Review

Today has been a great win for me. In my opinion, I have crossed the crucial stage of doing a systematic review.  Oh my days, I almost went haywire when I realised qualitative and quantitative reviews have different methods of approach. (Who sent me a message to be in academia 😱?) I am doing a combined review of both quantitative and […]

Children Environmental Health: WASH Awareness

Poor water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) and poor nutrition are important risk factors for ill health and deaths in children less than 5 years of age.  Parents try to keep your environment clean as this influences the growth and development of your children. #sdg6 #sdg3 #water #sanitation #hygiene #WASH #environmentalist#environment #environmentalhealth #childrenhealth #paediatrician#medicaldoctor #parenting #babies #children #publichealth #healtheducation#nigerdelta #waterpollution #pollution #warri

Church Vibes

This is what I learnt today: The need for earthly applause can lead to a determination to succeed but it is also an avenue for a downfall. If you want to feel successful, it is found in the person God has already made you be. Look in the mirror, darling! Psalms 18 vs 31-36. #gospel #inspiration #church #grace #wordoftheday #bibleverse #wordofgod#drweyoms #sundaygospel

HIV in Teenagers

When I worked in the hospital truth be told, the number of young people I saw diagnosed with HIV was alarming.  There was a really bad case of a 16 years old boy who was diagnosed with HIV and I guess because he couldn’t handle the situation mentally, he died in 2 weeks. That day, I felt so bad for […]

Urinary Incontinence During and After Pregnancy

Sneezing or even laughing, drops of urine on my underwear…that’s how my third trimester started.  After my C-section, the next day, the catheter was removed. I had to learn how to control my bladder again…a little activity, I’d pee on myself.  Did you have any experience with urinary incontinence as a pregnant woman and even after childbirth? Share your experience […]

Pregnancy Complications

A tear or a doctor decides to make a cut during childbirth- some women don’t like talking about their experiences during the actual childbirth but many people can learn from it. Let’s discuss, mothers especially first time mothers, what were the challenges?#episiotomy #childbirth #drweyoms #pregnancy #womenshealth#healthmatterswithdrweyoms

The Silence About Pregnancy

Yes, they say get married early and get pregnant before 30, it is also not easy to stand the pressure of that. Oh, you married late, get pregnant before 35, it will save you from in-laws trouble, that also is not easy.  Oh, you should do this, do that so you can be pregnant. Oh no, you are not making […]

Combining Breastfeeding And Bottle Feeding.

I know we are all about exclusive breastfeeding but sometimes it is not always possible. Trust me, breastfeeding for one year is not funny, it is stressful. You may want to try mixed feeding because you want to breastfeed, but give infant formula for one or more feeds, or because you are bottle feeding your baby and want to start […]

Keeping your vagina clean and healthy

The vagina is designed to keep itself clean with the help of natural secretions (discharge). The vagina is a tube of muscle inside a woman’s body that runs from the cervix (the opening of the womb) to the vaginal opening. The external sex organs, which are called the vulva, surround the vaginal opening. Good vaginal health is maintained by making […]