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Simple Ways on How to Find Yourself as A Young Person.


Life as You Know It

There is always a why to be answered as a human being. We do not live our lives as if nothing changes or it is just a boring act. You have to learn what life is for you and how you can enjoy the process of living and thriving.

What makes you come alive? What makes you sad? What inspires you for every good work? Notw these things in your journal. 

Good and Bad Labels

We tend to keep the labels society gives us. The only issue is that we keep the bad labels mostly, which in turn affects how we see ourselves in the purpose of life. Get rid of the negative labels, wear the good labels with pride.

Tagged as a “failure”? Look at your abilities that showcase “success” and develop yourself more. 


Behaviour and attitudes matter when we talk about discovering yourself. What impact are your actions having on you and others? Start today by creating a honesty mindset that will set you to experience a balance in life. Note the impact you have on yourself and the lives of others you encounter daily, surely you will observe changes. 


You cannot do everything alone. You need a community to support you all the way. Your community could be friends, family or an organisation. What areas do you think you might need support? How can you be supported?

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