Social Media and Your New Year Goals

Already writing the goals and resolutions for the New Year? Are you using what you see on social media to measure yourself? 

It is not easy scrolling through your social media feeds and seeing beautiful people travelling to wonderful places and experiencing amazing things. I get, the things you dream about for yourself as well. Sometimes we wonder why our photos do not match up even when we have posed more than twenty times or even added extra filters, they still do not compare. 

The truth is that some photos you see online are heavily edited and can give a distorted view of the reality we live in. Also, do not forget that some people only post the very best bits of their lives. Others have been known to live on the ”borrow pose” illusion of a ”thousandnaire” or millionaire lifestyle.

So, for your physical, spiritual and mental wellbeing, the next time you feel envious of someone else’s life, body, car, house or you strive to be as ”tush” or perfect as them- remember what you are aiming for probably doesn’t even exist. 

Life is full of different colours- so enjoy what you have and who you are. Seek to be better in a transparent and true way.

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