What Did You Do With Your Child Today?

What Did You Do With Your Child Today?

What did you to do with your child today? I have danced with my little one today.
Do not allow the pressures of social media make you scared of marriage or parenting. Reframe your thoughts about marriage and parenting to yield positive results.

Spending quality time with your child is more about the usual daily life than the very high imaginary expectations you think about. It is your day to day activities like chatting about the day, reading books together or having a meal together. There is no highly recommended sophisticated manual that you complusorily have to follow to be the super duper parent especially women. These basic things are what is important for your child’s holistic wellbeing and development. 

So dear parent, take a deep breathe! Be yourself and avoid comparing yourself with Madam Jegede or Mrs Jane Doe. Listen to your child and attend to his/her needs. Playtime? Be a part of the colouring or the running about, besides it is good for your heart to be pumped. Eat meals together even if you are the top super duper parent with a busy schedule. There is binding when a meal is shared even if it’s briefly. Pray together even if it is for 10minutes. Share in their interests. If you cannot afford to travel abroad, you will not die, so please plan for local trips in Nigeria.
Savour the moments you spend together and create memories you will all cherish.
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