Why Did This Doctor Not Prescribe Antibiotics for my Baby?

Why Did This Doctor Not Prescribe Antibiotics for my Baby?

Mother: I went to see the doctor, he did not prescribe antibiotics for my baby….can you imagine? How will my baby become well? Why didn’t the doctor just give me antibiotics?

Do you think drugs called antibiotics, for example Ampiclox and Augmentin  are always the answer to your baby’s sickness?

Why the Doctor does not always prescribe antibiotics for your sick baby?

These drugs called antibiotics don’t kill viruses – they kill bacteria, so they are only effective against diseases caused by bacteria. They cannot fight common cold or upper respiratory infection, which is  usually caused by a virus.

Most sore throats and coughs are caused by viruses. Children stay healthier when a viral illness is allowed to run its course.

Antibiotics are not effective against fighting common cold. They can do more harm than good when taken unnecessarily..’oversabi  prescription’.

Why you ask?

In our respiratory(breathing) and digestive (food) tracts we have some good bacteria. When  you give a child an antibiotic, it kills these good bacteria that can protect the child from infections. This will allow new, more resistant (very difficult to treat) bacteria to grow.

Now bacteria is very clever. They can change and develop resistance to common antibiotics.They become very difficult to kill. So when you give your child antibiotics too often, he/she can develop resistant organisms (bacteria) that are very hard to get rid of when that child gets ill.

Antibiotics can also cause diarrhoea (stooling) and allergic reactions. Diarrhoea will happen when the antibiotics have wiped all the protective bacteria from the child’s digestive tract. Allergy will occur when the child is given antibiotics frequently.

So mothers unless the doctor prescribes antibiotics for your baby, do not self prescribe because your friend said so or because people are doing it.

Practice safe treatment!

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