you are resilient, you are strong

You are Resilient, You are Strong?

Resilience matters
Resilience is something you need

You are resilient, you are strong! Heard this before?

Many of us go through life with labels attached to who we are as a result of what has happened to us. To make it more terrible, we allow these labels to tear us, wear us and paralyze us at the fear of what would happen if others found out.

Hello there, my dear friend, you are not what happened to you. You are beyond the labels attached to you and you have a beautiful life ahead of you.

God gives Redemption

Redemption is in God
Redemption is in God

Although fear will try to keep you from moving forward and shame will try to fill you with worry about what others think, I encourage you to have hope.

There is hope because God, your Creator, has come to set you free. Yes! In God you are redeemed!

It may sound bizarre to you, but this is the truth and it will set you free from guilt, shame and fear.

I know it can be a really hard and sometimes really messy and ugly process to sort through especially if others are tagging you with so many labels. It is truly not easy to get through one’s messy past.

However, do not lose hope yet. Going through the whole process with God will lead you to a place of forgiveness, healing, restoration, truth and freedom.

I love to quote a place from the Holy Bible, 3And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:32)

Affirmative Words

As you go through life daily, weekly, monthly and yearly, challenges will happen. Setbacks will occur in your life. I want to encourage you today to keep remembering that resilience is what you need to bounce back. Also, don’t forget you first and foremost need God to help you.

These words should help guide your thoughts:

I am resilient, I am strong. Fear doesn’t have a hold on me, and shame will not stop me from finding redemption in God. I look to the future with confidence.

You are free to share your thoughts on how to bounce back from a setback. If you also find it difficult to do so, seek help. Got any questions for me, you can reach out here

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