Influence Matters

Your Voice: Influencing a Community

Your voice is a superpower
Your Voice Matters

On a confidence scale of 1 to 10, how confident do you feel about your voice and why?

I am a girl that infuses my faith in everything I do. I am unapologetic to discuss this topic and add words from the Holy Bible.

We all know that Moses in the Bible was not so eloquent, but God used him mightily, also because he was obedient to the calling. We can still resonate in amazement the miracles Moses did.

Moses had a voice and used it! What’s up with your voice?

Silenced Voices

Silent voices are powerless
Don’t let your voice be silent

I may be biased in this blog post by placing more focus on women, that is because we know from history that the voices of women have been silenced for long.

We have faced silence in different ways and circumstances. These days, we hear, read and talk about gender inclusion, equality and women empowerment. Unfortunately, many of us especially the younger generations are still unaware of what it really looks like to embrace our voices.

I used to think that I had nothing to say in my community but as I grow older, I keep seeing that I am wrong about this perception. I have something to say and it is really important that I say it- like I am currently writing this blog for you.

What You Can Do!

Grab the stage and use it
Grab that spot now!

Whether it is grabbing the microphone and talking about health in churches, or speaking to a group of young people, I am still in the journey of learning what it looks like to unlock the power I have from within.

So this applies to you as well. As a young person, embrace your voice. Be in the process where you enjoy the journey of learning how to use your voice.

I encourage you to use your voice positively and actively to create a meaningful and lasting impact on the lives of people in your community (workplace, school, home, the marketplace, religious organisation and locality.

Be Inspired

Use your voice today
Stay inspired, use your voice

Today, I am telling you, you have a voice to embrace, and we need it. Do not allow fear and insecurity hold you back. However, speak with clarity, convictions and confidence. If your voice is shaky, it does not matter, speak your truth and tell your story.

We really need young people who will use their voices to speak on the matters that most concerns them and the society.

Do you know you have a voice? The world is waiting to hear you!

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